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Ly­ing to the east of Wincle, Lud’s Church is a deep chasm in the rock, around 100 yards long and so nar­row that sun­shine barely pen­e­trates. Le­gend has it that at var­i­ous times Robin Hood and Bon­nie Prince Char­lie shel­tered here, and the chasm is thought to have in­spired the Green Chapel in the Arthurian poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. In the 15th cen­tury, Lol­lards - de­nounced as heretics by the Ro­man Catholic Church - used Lud’s Church for se­cret wor­ship. The name of it may have come from Wal­ter de Lu­dank, a Lol­lard whose daugh­ter Alice was shot dead when one of the ser­vices was raided.

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