Olivia Hughes-lundy is de­ter­mined not to get dragged into Cuff­ing Sea­son, but party sea­son? That’s a dif­fer­ent story Cheshire Life: Novem­ber 2018

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Idon’t think I have been laughed at quite as much as I have while try­ing to com­plete my chal­lenge of ‘Go Sober for Oc­to­ber’. It is un­doubt­edly telling what my friends and even ac­quain­tances think of me given their re­ac­tions. I know you’re all dy­ing to know how I got on… well I slipped up a few times but 28 days out of 31 is still a great achieve­ment for me, be­lieve me.

I didn’t get around to at­tend­ing any of the group meet­ings for ‘Domi­nos and Crum­pets’ in Crewe and ex­treme iron­ing for some­one who doesn’t own an iron was al­ways a non-starter, but my fel­low flat mate and I did form our own group of ‘Na­chos and Net­flix’, which hap­pened most Satur­day nights (sorry, but this group is cur­rently full and we are not tak­ing in any more mem­bers).

Now it is fi­nally Novem­ber and I’ve been re­peat­edly re­minded that it is ‘Cuff­ing Sea­son’, which I re­ally love the name of, ex­cru­ci­at­ingly ro­man­tic isn’t it? For the unini­ti­ated, it is all about find­ing some­one, some­times any­one, to set­tle down with in the colder months, as it is ap­par­ently a time of year when no one likes to be alone.

It’s that time of year when you’re stay­ing in watch­ing countless fes­tive movies that we some­how still seem to get ex­cited about ev­ery year, tak­ing long walks in Dun­ham Massey with the fam­ily pet dog and

“No hav­ing to keep up the act that you are the per­fect fu­ture daugh­terin-law, in­stead it is time to fully em­brace the party sea­son”

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