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Cheshire Life: Jan­uary 2019

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Un­less you have the body of Hai­ley Bald­win is there any­thing more dispir­it­ing than buy­ing cloth­ing for the gym? Well, un­less it is beach­wear in the mid­dle of win­ter!

This is es­pe­cially dif­fi­cult if you’ve de­cided you need some­thing to wear for your yoga class, where all the tops seem to be of the cropped va­ri­ety.

As my ‘ath­letic wear’ - I re­ally do use that term loosely - is at least 10 years old I am forc­ing my­self to go out and make some new fit­ness­wear pur­chases and I’m pleased to dis­cover one brand tak­ing into ac­count that we don’t all start out at the gym with a six pack. That la­bel is Asquith. A few months ago Asquith launched a range in sizes 18-20 as a re­sult of cus­tomer de­mand. The pieces, which in­clude leg­gings and roomy tops, are also cre­ated in eth­i­cally sourced fab­rics such as bam­boo and or­ganic cot­ton which adds up to feel­ing pretty good all over! asquithlon­ THE JUMPER QUES­TION Jumpers are great for a stroll to a coun­try pub but try feel­ing pro­fes­sional in them. Worse still be­cause of snow/ice etc you’re usu­ally wear­ing them with flat dumpy boots. An­other op­tion is buy luxe. Any ex­pen­sive jumper will make you feel pretty fab­u­lous and then you wear it with a skirt. Not any skirt a finely pleated one. Sud­denly this is a fash­ion ‘look’. Here’s a jumper Vic­to­ria Beck­ham might wear (be­cause it is from her Vic­to­ria, Vic­to­ria Beck­ham col­lec­tion). £465 har­veyn­i­ WRIST AC­TION I re­mem­ber be­ing drawn to an ad­vert for Seksy watches on the telly and think­ing ummm they’re glam. Then sud­denly re­al­is­ing they were by watch brand Sekonda. Hardly up there with say Gucci. But for the money these are time­pieces with a lot of sass. Let’s face it we no longer wear a watch to tell the time, dar­ling. It’s all about the look and on that score the new Seksy Rocks and Seksy Shim­mer col­lec­tions re­ally de­liver. Price £99,

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