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A pond doesn’t have to be big to be home for frogs, newts, damsel and drag­on­flies. Here’s how to cre­ate one.

1. Choose a spot - it needs to have light but not be in full sun­light. Ei­ther dig a hole or sink a con­tainer into the ground.

2. If the con­tainer isn’t wa­ter­tight, add a piece of pond liner.

3. Add gravel, rocks, logs and stones to cre­ate a va­ri­ety of depth and a slope for the crea­tures to climb in and out.

4. Fill your pond with rain­wa­ter - avoid tap water as this con­tains chem­i­cals.

5. Put one or two plants in - minia­ture wa­terlilies and flowering rush work well.

6. Watch and wait for wildlife to come to the pond. Don’t in­tro­duce them yourself as this can spread dis­ease.

BE­LOW: Even a small space can be used for a pond.

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