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What’s wrong with good old soap and wa­ter!?

Soap and wa­ter!? We are in 2020 not 1920; every­one knows that soap can de­hy­drate your skin. But who’s got time to use weird giz­mos just for a wash? Me! These cleans­ing tools can help soften the fa­cial hair so you get a closer shave, plus they help boost the vi­tal­ity of your skin – es­pe­cially at this time of year when our skin is look­ing a bit worse for wear. There are lots around, but I’m us­ing the Foreo Luna Go For Men, as it is a nifty lit­tle de­vice that re­moves 99.5% of dirt and oil plus those pesky dead skin cells. Bob a bit of face­wash on your skin then use the Luna in cir­cu­lar mo­tions while you’re in the shower.

It sounds mas­sive and I sup­pose that you have to faff around with bat­ter­ies – and surely that can’t be safe in the shower!

Nope. It’s about the size of half a golf ball and doesn’t use bat­ter­ies as it comes with a USB charger, so with just one charge it lasts me for about a month – and I use it ev­ery morn­ing in the shower be­cause it’s wa­ter­proof! Any prob­lems, it also comes with a two-year war­ranty, so I’m sorted. Yeah… but I bet it’s got harsh bris­tles that are a night­mare to keep clean. Erm… no. It’s made of sil­i­cone, so it’s bac­te­ria re­sis­tant and non abra­sive… even for a del­i­cate flower like you, Bill. And it’s even got an anti-age­ing mode, which would be per­fect for you mate… Charm­ing… cheers pal.


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