Com­pos­ite bondıng?

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I think our San­dra picked one of them up from

Ann Sum­mers…

Erm… no, it’s a resin that’s added to teeth to im­prove their look, shape and colour.

Oh. Isn’t that the same as ve­neers?

Not re­ally. It’s a lot sim­pler than ve­neers and is a fast cos­metic solution for teeth that are oth­er­wise healthy and have been well main­tained.

Ok. How many vis­its do you need?

It can be com­pleted in one ap­point­ment that lasts be­tween 30 to 60 min­utes – and it’s cheaper than ve­neers.

What’s the process?

First, some sur­face enamel is re­moved from the tooth be­fore the shade of com­pos­ite resin that best matches your teeth is chosen and bond­ing agent is ap­plied, this is then fol­lowed by the resin be­ing ‘cured’ by a spe­cial light be­fore the teeth are fi­nally pol­ished.

nanceAre these bonded bits stan­dard shapes?

No, the spe­cial resin is ap­plied to the teeth and moulded into the de­sired shape by the den­tist. So it’s al­ways worth go­ing to a den­tist who has a lot of ex­pe­ri­ence in this field as it’s im­por­tant that they get the shape and shade of the teeth spot on. So, are you hav­ing it done? Yep… I’ve had my free con­sul­ta­tion so now I’m booked in with Dr Aisha next week, and be­cause it’s just to sort out the front four chipped teeth I will be done in 30 min­utes.


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