Blue light?

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I have no idea what you’re talk­ing about.

Ba­si­cally, all the vis­i­ble light around us is made up of dif­fer­ent wave­lengths and fre­quen­cies, from in­frared to ul­travi­o­let (UV). Blue light is on that spec­trum and in fact it’s the blue light from the sun that helps to reg­u­late our sleep pat­terns and body clock.

So, what’s the prob­lem?

It’s also the light that comes from our smart­phones, tablets and

TVs, and be­cause we use them so of­ten and are in fre­quent close prox­im­ity to the screens it can cause prob­lems. It has the abil­ity to weaken the skin’s sur­face and pen­e­trate down to the der­mis, which is where col­la­gen and elastin are, re­sult­ing in pre­ma­ture age­ing and, as shown in re­cent stud­ies, even trig­ger­ing pig­men­ta­tion spots.

Sounds grim! So what can we do?

I’m go­ing for SKN-RG Evo­lu­tion Al­pha Serum, £65, It con­tains plank­ton glass flower, a type of plank­ton that cre­ates a spe­cial shield around its core that re­pels blue light and other pol­lu­tants. It also con­tains kom­bucha fer­ment and grif­fo­nia ex­tract for lift­ing and firm­ing, and the re­sults are sup­posed to be great... which is why it’s a mul­ti­award-winning prod­uct.

Is this a men-only prod­uct? No, you can share with your San­dra. Also, avoid spend­ing time gaz­ing into your mo­bile at bed­time, as the blue light can have a neg­a­tive ef­fect on your sleep and then you’ll be bag­gyeyed, too.

Will do… you’re a wealth of knowl­edge mate!

Yep, I know. It’s a gift.

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