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From simple to spectacula­r, the latest collection­s share a fascinatio­n for the aesthetics of the Far East.


There are few areas of the world that continue to evoke such a wide spectrum of design inspiratio­n than the Orient. We have picked out three wallpaper designers that have given us three very different interpreta­tions of this thoughtful and mystical region.

Japan continues to be synonymous with wabi-sabi, and

Nippon is Sandberg’s interpreta­tion of the Japanese tradition. It is their tribute to the belief in the beauty of the pure, yet imperfect. They have created twelve patterns which reflect a journey through Japan focussing on the humility and simplicity of its cities, villages and scenery. All twelve have been created and produced with inspiratio­n from traditiona­l Japanese techniques. They are all based on classical Japanese aesthetics - such as the geometric designs of the kimono and shibori - and nature, depicting trees and flowers intrinsic to Japanese culture such as bamboo, pine, ginkgo or sakura.

Boras Tapeter’s focus is on the majestic and flamboyant. Their collection, Oriental Dreams, is a versatile and exclusive wallpaper collection inspired by the Far East. The collection consists of eleven designs, and there are bold floral designs and warm, metallic ones with shimmering gold medallions. The style is eclectic and highly individual­istic. The designs also chart a journey, but this time following the caravan routes connecting China, India and ancient Persia with Turkey and countries around the Mediterran­ean on the famous

Silk Road. The result is a unique, luxurious wallpaper collection with an exotic twist. “Whichever wallpaper you choose, it will give your home an elegant touch of Oriental luxury” says Sissa Sundling, Head of Design. Our final interpreta­tion is different yet again. Braquenié’s collection, La Compagnie des Indes, reflects the characteri­stics of exoticism and chinoiseri­e, major themes in 18th century decorative arts. Not a journey this time, but a reflection of the life and times of Pierre Frey, the designer who began his eponymous fabric house in 1934. The dreamy designs emphasise the traditiona­l pastel tones of the 18th century, as well as the combinatio­n of silks, prints and embroideri­es that are hallmarks of the period. It is no surprise therefore to see exotic flowers, pineapples and chinoiseri­es dominating the collection. The fabric collection, Comptoir

d’Orient, simply adds to the sheer splendour of the exuberant atmosphere.

The collection­s show Orient to be a wonderful and diverse region, full of history, elegance and spirituali­ty. Each of the designers, in their individual­istic ways, has helped to bring the area to life and to ensure that the timeless nature of the period will live on. Some of the designs are so intricate and bold that your whole house may not be able to cope, but start with one room and then just see where you end up…

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 ??  ?? Arashiyama, Nippon Collection by Sandberg
Arashiyama, Nippon Collection by Sandberg
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 ??  ?? Tangerine Wall, Oriental Dreamsby Boras Tapeter
Tangerine Wall, Oriental Dreamsby Boras Tapeter
 ??  ?? Rosewood Night, Oriental Dreams by Boras Tapeter
Rosewood Night, Oriental Dreams by Boras Tapeter
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 ??  ?? Braquenié’s La Compagnie des Indes and Comptoir d’Orient collection­s
Braquenié’s La Compagnie des Indes and Comptoir d’Orient collection­s
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