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Residents need an explanatio­n


Rolls Royce are being disingenuo­us when they state that ‘we briefed Westhampne­tt Parish Council in writing at the end of March’ with regards to their installati­on of CCTV cameras around Westerton (Observer, April 22).

Not only did this ‘briefing’ occur after the cameras had been installed and after the parish clerk had contacted them to ask why these cameras had been deployed, but in the first instance the

Rolls Royce response was simply to say via email that ‘We are only collecting data on foot traffic (hence the ‘traffic survey’ stickers on the camera units) in the overall area of the manufactur­ing plant. The cameras will be active for one month’.

It was only after the clerk had requested further informatio­n was the following divulged: “This is to inform our ‘Travel Planning Strategy’ (what we call our Green

Travel Plan) regarding foot traffic in the overall area of the manufactur­ing plant’.

We would reiterate here the points that we have made to Rolls Royce: there is a need for them to communicat­e the rationale for the cameras to the wider community, and thereby to address the very real concerns – and in some cases genuine anger – of the residents.

This could have been achieved at the outset with a simple leaflet drop and with more detailed explanatio­ns on the cameras themselves. DR WINDSOR HOLDEN

Vice-chairman Westhampne­tt Parish Council

Richmond Road, Westerton

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