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Time to change voting system


The Conservati­ve Party did not use First Past The Post (winner takes all) voting to choose its current party leader.

Boris Johnson had to win at least 50 per cent of the votes, over multiple ballots. A total of 64 per cent of Tory MPS voted for someone else on the first ballot.

So, why does the Government insist that

FPTP is good enough for electing MPS and (in England) councillor­s?

Scotland and Northern Ireland elect councillor­s by proportion­al representa­tion and there is a local option

in Wales for electing councillor­s by proportion­al representa­tion.

And why does the Conservati­ve government want to change to FPTP for electing Police and Crime Commission­ers and metro mayors when it’s not good enough to elect the party’s own leader?

ANTHONY TUFFIN Chairman Make Votes Count in West Sussex Solent Way, Selsey

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