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Massive milestone in our vaccinatio­n effort

- Gillian Keegan MP for Chichester

Over the bank holiday, we reached a massive milestone with over 50million vaccine doses administer­ed across the UK, including 15million second jabs.

This is a huge achievemen­t, given we only began the rollout a few months ago.

On Friday, I visited the Selsey vaccinatio­n centre to thank the wonderful staff and volunteers, who have done a remarkable job to vaccinate people across the Manhood Peninsula.

Both Selsey and Tangmere vaccinatio­n centres are part of the Chichester Alliance of Medical

Practices (CHAMPS) and together the sites now vaccinate 800 people per day, which totals almost 40,000 jabs.

I also met Dr Sandy Mtharu and a husband-and-wife duo, Drs Charlie and Karen Walker, who came out of retirement to support the vaccine effort locally.

Last but not least is Dr Gupta, who retired from St Richard’s and normally runs Thyme and Chillies Indian Restaurant, which I am planning to visit once restrictio­ns relax further – apparently they can make a meal with less than 800 calories, so I know what

I’ll be ordering!

On my visit, we discussed several issues, including some people not turning up for appointmen­ts.

That day there were 16 missed appointmen­ts, which out of 800 may not seem many, however, every jab matters, and they all have a short shelf life.

So if you have an appointmen­t booked please do everything you can to attend or change the appointmen­t so that someone else can fill the slot.

We also discussed future logistical concerns for booster jabs, if and when they are required.

I have taken down the key points and I will be raising them with the local NHS commission­ers on my call with them later this week.

Next Friday I will also be holding my second outdoor pub tour in the Southbourn­e area, following on from my recent one in Fishbourne.

If you want to attend, I will share the details in next week’s column as well as on my website –www.gilliankee­ –and Facebook page.

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