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Even devout West Deanistas learnt new things about this extraordin­ary estate as Hilary Sloan’s Zoomed guide led the monthly meeting from the Roman and Anglo-saxon landscapes on to famed architect James Wyatt’s elegant 19th century updating of the house, then via the lavish hunting and social indulgence­s of Edward Prince of Wales, when he and his cohorts arrived at Singleton station (opposite estate gates) for weekends of aristocrat­ic anything goes, to the exotic surrealist­ic whims of Dali-befriendli­ng Edward James and his cultural aspiration­s, still driving the estate today. An abundance of family associatio­ns, some halfhidden, lie inside and outside the adjacent St Andrew’s Church, and Harold Peto’s 100-metre pergola (1911) continues to enchant garden visitors.

May 12, 7pm, Zoom talk by Ann Scicluna will be on art in the cathedral.

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