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Covid cases in younger people


I caught a busy train from Fishbourne to Emsworth to meet up with a friend for lunch.

As per the recognised advice, I wore a face mask for the length of the journey.

Sitting in the six-bay seat diagonally opposite me were two youngsters (probably aged 15-16), neither of whom were wearing a mask.

Looking over at them, I also noticed that the girl had her two feet on the seat opposite her.

Both observance­s began to niggle at me and I wondered whether I should say anything. As I rose to leave the train, I asked if they had valid reasons for not wearing a mask.

I got a list of excuses in fast flow. I then asked if the girl had a reason for her muddy trainers to be on the seat and her excuse was ‘they’re only on the edge of the seat and not very dirty.

The boy got a bit more aggressive and asked whether I wanted him to clean the seat and I said ‘yes’ so he asked for a vacuum cleaner but there was nowhere he plug it in so he couldn’t clean the seat after all.

On my return journey, I got off the train at Fishbourne. Standing on the platform a separate, similar-aged youngster on the departing train ‘gave me the ‘finger’ (for no apparent reason) and his friend did a ‘moonie’.

One was not wearing a mask – the other I could not say.

The rising rate of infection in youngsters is not so surprising after all.

SHEILA JAWORSKI Frampton Close, Fishbourne

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