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Beach system is beneficial


With reference to the letter implying that the number of cars that could be allowed to go to the beach should be increased to about 5,000 on the busiest days in the summer (Opinion, July 1) I doubt many people who live in the village would agree.

The one thing that the management of the beach car park have got right recently was to introduce the prepayment system so that the number of vehicles could be controlled. If it had not been for the Covid restrictio­ns, the new system may not have been introduced.

It caused chaos initially with parking in the village but this has started to get better as visitors are more aware of the new system.

In the past, on some days it was impossible to get in or out of West Wittering due to the traffic due to beach traffic.

Those of us who are fortunate to live in the Witterings can understand why so many families want to visit when the weather is good.

Perhaps the reduced number of people on the beach, etc., will help make their days more enjoyable. It may also help reduce the vast quantities of rubbish that is often left behind.

MARGOT SWIFT Marine Drive, West Wittering

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