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Branding can be good but...


As a means of attracting more business, visitors and jobs post-pandemic, branding could be a useful exercise (‘Dithering’ over place branding for district, Observer, July 15) but not now.

When it comes to dithering the greater concern is over the massive deficienci­es of infrastruc­ture which need remedying to support the existing economy and population never mind any growth.

The same issue of the paper carries articles and letters on the inadequacy of our road network and the fining of Southern Water due to its failed waste water treatment that is polluting Chichester Harbour.

Until the district and county authoritie­s stop dithering over these problems, it would be better to save the £65,000 and stick with Chichester and its associatio­n with a nationally known cathedral, theatre, museums, harbour (even if polluted) and Goodwood, as a powerful brand in itself. STEPHEN QUIGLEY Chairman, Oving Parish Council Neighbourh­ood Plan Steering Group Merston

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