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- Ben Klemenzson, editor bklemenzso­

Here we are in lockdown three and many of us will be wondering what the summer will hold for us, in particular whether there will be any car shows, events… even just cruises. It’s hard to say, particular­ly now everyone seems to be erring more and more on the side of caution. Already many events that were planned for the spring/Easter appear to have been reschedule­d for later in the summer or autumn even, bringing on a bit of a familiar sinking feeling. We asked the organisers of some of the biggest events on the American automotive calendar for their thoughts and you can read what they had to say in our news update on pages 6 and 7… as already mentioned, cautious optimism seems to be the watchword!

We’ve got our usual selection of makes, models and eras in this month’s Classic American, including a feature on one very fortunate businessma­n who’s been lucky enough to indulge his passion for American cars by building up a very impressive collection. It is of course what many of us think we’d do if we won the lottery – I know I would! We also take an in-depth look at the 1961-1969 Lincoln Continenta­l, a car that defined a generation, but which very much flies under the radar, certainly in this country.

Finally, looking out of the window at the snow, it’s hard to imagine that sunny days will be back again, but of course they will and hopefully some sort of normality. Spring for many of us will mean taking our cars out, giving them a spring clean, maybe even taking them for a spin and losing ourselves in the normal routines of life… Roll on spring!

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