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Classic American. I have every issue from the start, may have to get a bigger house soon!. I KNOW I’m a pedant but there are a couple of inaccuraci­es in the latest issue. The article on the Mitsuoka Buddy credits that company for designing the Nissan Figaro. The Figaro, along with the BE1 and S-Cargo, was designed in-house by Nissan. The Micra-based car that Mitsuoka did, and a few made it as grey imports here, was the oddly named Viewt. That car looked like a shrunken Jaguar Mark II.

Also, in the Will Shiers Discoverie­s feature, the Studebaker Land Cruiser is a ’49, not a ’51, which had the distinctiv­e bullet nose. So the ’49 had to make do with a six-banger as the V8 bowed with the ’51 model as mentioned. Sorry to be a pain!

Best wishes

David Green

Thanks for pointing out the correction­s David… We actually wrote the Mitsuoka piece in-house, but used an American source which claimed the Figaro to be one of their designs… no excuse, but at the least an explanatio­n – we’re definitely not Jap experts! Will struggles a little sometimes to identify the exact year of a car, especially when they’re in a ‘junk yard’ state, but he usually qualifies himself.

 ??  ?? 1949 Studebaker Land Cruiser.
1949 Studebaker Land Cruiser.
 ??  ?? Mitsuoka Buddy.
Mitsuoka Buddy.

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