Classic American

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Dear Classic American,

As a dedicated reader for over 25 years, I was pleased to read there is another ‘old-timer’ like myself who still can’t leave the Yanks alone, although I am only 74! I currently run a 2006 Mustang GT convertibl­e and in the past have owned two Firebirds, two Camaros, a Lincoln and a Caddy, and also currently have a Merc CLK coupe and BMW Z3 – although I’ve always wanted a C3 Corvette, so I haven’t given up yet! My son also runs a ’68 Mustang coupe (427!). Hopefully this year we will all get more use from our vehicles and perhaps I might meet up with Brian and his ’Vette if Blue Ridge Runners show goes ahead this year.

Gareth James Pontypridd, South Wales

Good on you, Gareth; American car owners have long been known for their youthful good looks and virility – who needs Botox when you’ve got a V8?!

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