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Continuing from last month, Classic American revisits Carrot Town Garage to catch up with the business, which has come up with a new ethos of buying, selling and owning American cars


It’s been an interestin­g fewmonths at Carrot Town Garage, but despite another lockdown they have stayed open. They understand everyone is trying to follow the rules, so have been collecting customers’ cars, carrying out all repair work and servicing on them, then delivering them back in tip-top condition. This is a service they will continue offering, no matter what is happening around the country. But right now, here’s an update on a couple of projects that have been under way at Carrot Town Garage recently.

Workshop update

The ’67 Plymouth Fury is progressin­g nicely. All the suspension parts have been painted, they’ve replaced the bushes and these are all back on the car. The car was sent off to be painted, including the bulkhead and the wheel arch liners. It returned this week and looks superb. They have stripped the engine and sent that off to be checked and machined and have just received it back so it’s all ready for reassembly. Carrot Town will be continuing the story on the Plymouth in next month’s Classic American magazine, although you can follow progress by visiting the ‘News’ page of their website.

They have also had a steady stream of classic American vehicles through the workshop, such as a 1992 Pontiac Firebird with a VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System) fault that was causing starting issues, and a 2001 Camaro that had lost drive in third gear. There was also a ’67 Mustang that refused to start, plus several club members’ cars from both the Mustang Club Of Great Britain and The Classic Corvette Club UK. The workshop has also been busy with Carrot Town’s own cars. Before sale they go through them mechanical­ly to make sure they are right. They also do a full service on every car. The usual things they discover are things like non-functionin­g wipers, washers, and as most of the cars are automatic, the parking brake never works as the Americans tend not to use them.

They also replace suspension bushes, brake pads, brake pipes and fuel hoses as a matter of course. Often they’ll tend to put in new carburetto­rs, as a new carb is more reliable and the electric choke just makes things easier, especially for new classic car owners. One of the key things they check on Corvettes are the rear diff yokes, as these wear over time and it’s not something that’s checked very often. It’s a costly job to replace them, but it’s better it’s done before the car is sold, than for the customer to have issues later on. Oil leaks are another thing the Carrot Town team like to try and address before cars leave the workshop. There is logic into putting so much right before the car goes out: they will always buy back any car that they sell. It’s almost inevitable they will have mechanical issues at some point, but that’s just part of owning a classic car.

Carrot Town Garage Car Club update

Over the Christmas period five new members joined the Carrot Town Garage Car Club. They have a WhatsApp group for the club and it’s great watching new members being welcomed and seeing everyone chatting about their cars and the work they have been doing over the winter months. It’s the passion that they all have for these cars that makes it so worthwhile. As a club they have been trying to organise this year’s schedule of car shows and events and they’ll be updating everyone through the blog on the Carrot Town Garage website.

Spring specials

In partnershi­p with Classic American magazine Carrot Town are offering a workshop spring special to readers with a full service for just £200 plus parts. They also have another incredible deal with the help of Lucas Oil products with 10% off lubricants and Evans Waterless Coolants are offering 10% discount on waterless coolant. So call today and they will get your car serviced and ready for the show season. Please mention Classic American magazine when booking. (Offer valid until June 30.)


Stuart Davies, Carrot Town MD, says: “We know our Jack Rabbit Carrot Town Garage logo is cool but we have been amazed by the popularity of our merchandis­e; in the lead up to Christmas we were flat out shipping T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirt­s. We have now got new stocks in with sizes up to XXXL and the same high quality you would expect from Carrot Town Garage. Order through our website or by telephone today for same-day shipping.”

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 ??  ?? 1967 Plymouth Fury burnt-out engine bay.
1967 Plymouth Fury burnt-out engine bay.
 ??  ?? Carrot Town boss Stuart Davies.
Carrot Town boss Stuart Davies.
 ??  ?? Carrot Town Garage hoodie.
Jack Rabbit T-shirt.
Carrot Town Garage cap.
Carrot Town Garage hoodie. Jack Rabbit T-shirt. Carrot Town Garage cap.
 ??  ?? Chassis and bulkhead painted...
Chassis and bulkhead painted...
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? ... and suspension rebuilt.
... and suspension rebuilt.
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? CCarrot Town Garage keyring.
CCarrot Town Garage keyring.
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