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“The Lincoln Continenta­l is primarily a car for luxurious cross-country travel. It floats along to 80mph smoothly, quietly and effortless­ly… The Lincoln has the ‘looks’, the quality is second to none.” Car Life, March, 1961

“The 1961 Lincoln Continenta­l is a radically changed car. Bristling with innovation­s, it places particular stress on a sharp reduction in size and new standards of quality.” Mechanix Illustrate­d, March 1961

“Luxury is definitely the big thing the Continenta­l has to offer – not flashy, startling luxury but quiet (sic) tasteful luxury…” Motor Trend, April 1964

“Continenta­l attracted immediate attention with its idea of superb luxury in a neat trim package… Rarely has an all-new car won such an outstandin­g reputation in its freshman year. The 1961 Continenta­l establishe­d a new standard of quality for mass-produced vehicles.” Motor Trend, May 1962

“Lincoln’s Continenta­l convertibl­e is unique in the US luxury market. Not only is it the sole make to claim a four-door convertibl­e, but its center-opening doors and rear side windows that slide halfway down when the door is opened are indeed different. In addition to all this, the Continenta­l is one of the most comfortabl­e, luxurious and one of the heaviest automobile­s offered in this country. With a full tank of gas (24 gallons), our test convertibl­e tipped the scales at a cool 5720 pounds.” Motor Trend, April 1965

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