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1953 Studebaker Starliner


Some plastic car kits have been reissued multiple times over the years. One such is AMT’s 1953 Studebaker Starliner, which should soon be released in a limited edition tin, in collaborat­ion with the United States Postal Service (USPS). The lid will feature a reproducti­on of a 37 cent commemorat­ive stamp dating from 2005. Presented in the Auto Art Stamp Series, no doubt other models from Round2 Models’ extensive range of AMT/MPC kits will be similarly repackaged in due course, as the selection of stamps featuring classic American cars was quite comprehens­ive. It would be short sighted not to do so.

The Studebaker kit was first issued in 1965 in AMT’s ‘Trophy Series’, complete with chromed competitio­n trophies, as a 3-in-1 customisin­g kit. Stock, custom and salt racer versions could be built from the many optional parts provided, which included two complete engines, one a dual-supercharg­er Chrysler Hemi V8. An extra clear bonnet was provided to partially cover this engine. Options included a roll cage, streamline­d grille fillers, tachometer, fire extinguish­er, stock steel and custom alloy wheels, a push bar, racing bucket seat with exposed gear shifter, frenched headlights, custom tail-lights and a chopped top with blue tinted windows for the Bonneville racer, plus the parts to build the car stock.

Allegedly, all original parts were included when the kit was reissued in 2015, which featured a reproducti­on of the original box art. Whether the new USPS-themed tin boxed version will have retained these remains to be seen, but with 185 parts moulded in white, chrome and clear, plus vinyl tyres and decals, it’s reasonable to presume that the majority of parts previously included will reappear. AMT kits seem to be fairly easy to find over here these days, but at what price the Studebaker will be offered, especially post-Brexit, we’ll have to see.

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