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Return of the Sportsroof Mustang


Go back 15 to 20 years and the model car market was awash with 1:18 scale die-cast cars and trucks. Nowadays they are a rarity, for a variety of reasons including their weight and the resources needed to produce them. Neverthele­ss firms do still manufactur­e them, albeit at higher prices nowadays. This includes Sun Star, whose models are of a generally high standard, but more expensive as a consequenc­e. With no opportunit­ies to borrow new releases from the trade during the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve revisited my files to see whether I’d overlooked any models that I’d photograph­ed, but not reviewed.

I came across this 1971 Ford Mustang Sportsroof, in a mediummeta­llic brown. Although Sun S Star has produced this Mustang in several colours, c a quick internet search confirmed examples e are still available. I even found one o discounted to £108. The advantages of 1:18 1 scale models are that the doors, bonnet and a boot can be opened to reveal a detailed engine, e interior and trunk. This Mustang has fuzzy f carpet, the front seats tip forward and it has operating steering too. The engine bay could be more detailed in this scale and at this price, but it does benefit from clear head and tail-lights and nicely detailed wheels and tyres. If the last of these first-generation Mustangs appeals, Sun Star’s Sportsroof may be for you.

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