Classic American

Composite Materials Bible


Author: John Wanberg

Published by: Wolfgang Publicatio­ns ISBN: 978-1-941064-50-4

You might think that creating something yourself from composite materials is something that would be impossible for the hobbyist, but this isn’t so these days when materials and the tools to use them correctly are relatively easily available. So what is a composite? Simply put, it is any material created from two or more dissimilar materials. In this applicatio­n the materials are generally made up of reinforcin­g fibres embedded in a solidified material. Their combined properties exceeds their individual strengths, think fibreglass, carbon fibre, etc…

This book explains the basics, advises on the health and safety aspects and shows what tools and materials you will need to get started. There are chapters on ‘mould-less’ composites, designing successful moulds, how to fabricate and use them, deals with improved composite techniques, shows how to demould, trim and finish your components and even how to repair damaged composite pieces. With 176 pages of simple-to-understand text, supported by more than 400 photos, it’s a good starting point for those who want to explore the creation of non-metal items using the latest materials and techniques.

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