Classic American

Continenta­l timeline


1961 New Continenta­l introduced

1963 Four-barrel carb introduced, upping performanc­e and horsepower to 320bhp/465ft-lb of torque.

1964 Wheelbase extended from 123 inches to 126, overall length increases also by three inches to 215 inches. Wheels enlarged to 15 inches from 14.

1965 First major facelift, grille and front end redesign and introducti­on of disc brakes. Four-barrel carburetto­r now standard and real glass rear window offered in convertibl­es.

1966 Two-door hardtop offered, bringing model line-up to three. Car grows 4.6 inches to 220.9 inches altogether. Tail-lights move into the rear bumper. Engine size increased to 462cu in, offering 485ft-lb of torque and 340bhp. First year for C6 three-speed auto transmissi­on.

1968 Convertibl­e deleted from line-up. Hood ornaments deleted.

1969 Final year for the suicide-door Lincoln Continenta­l hardtop.

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