Classic American

1969 Shelby GT350

Estimate: $60,000 – $80,000 Sold: $59,400


1969 was a real transition year for the Shelby GT350, from its origins as a bare-bones sports car to a true muscle car with all the amenities the buying public demanded in period. Some notable body modificati­ons were made to the GT350 in 1969, such as the addition of fibreglass front fenders, a smart-looking wraparound front bumper and shortened tail with integrated rear spoiler and centre exhaust. A multitude of scoops were also added, some functional and some decorative, culminatin­g in a very aggressive look and feel.

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 ??  ?? Shelby GT350, number 40 of 1085 built.
Shelby GT350, number 40 of 1085 built.
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