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- Ben Klemenzson, editor bklemenzso­

Welcome to our January issue of Classic American ,a Pontiac special and the final one for the year 2021. As I write this, the new Omicron variant of Covid has been discovered and this tiny little virus which has put so much of our life on hold is once again throwing plans into doubt. It’s been said many times, but it’s a cold hard fact: we’re going to have to learn to live with the virus and all the vagaries it throws in our paths. Plan for the worst but hope for the best. That’s not being negative, just realistic…

The reason that I even mention this – as I’m sure you, like everyone else, is sick to death of hearing about the C-word – is that in this issue we’ve put together our first Events pages of 2022. Something we’ve all got used to over the past couple of years is the realisatio­n that things can change very dramatical­ly and very quickly. So, when looking at the events lined up for 2022, bear in mind these have been planned under current restrictio­ns, so always make sure you check out the relevant websites for up-to-date informatio­n on whether such and such an event is still going ahead.

I started watching the Grand Tour (aka ‘Top Gear Old Fogies are let out on day release again’) that they did on American cars and it was truly appalling. I’ve never warmed to Jeremy Clarkson’s outspoken style, but this latest outing has to be the most self-indulgent twaddle he and his two co-presenters have ever been allowed to wallow in. I’m amazed that Amazon are still paying through the nose for it. As Elon Musk summed Clarkson up when responding to his criticism of Tesla vehicles: “His two pet peeves are American cars and electric cars… and we’re an American electric car (company) so we’re in the worst possible situation…”

All that remains is for me to wish you, as well as all our readers, subscriber­s and advertiser­s, a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous new year!

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