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Winter 2021 Classic Car Auction November 20, 2021


Manor Park Auctions held its Winter 2021 Classic Car Auction on November 20 and it featured a couple of American vehicles. These included a rather handsome 1967 Chrysler Newport Convertibl­e which was imported from California six years ago and which had undergone a bare metal respray, had its bumpers rechromed and had a new fully operating power hood fitted. It was described as still having its original interior and its original 383cu in V8 motor and came with a binder full of paperwork, including its original US title. Despite all this, sadly it didn’t find a buyer.

If something a bit smaller appealed, then the 1958 Austin Nash Metropolit­an Series III which was offered up for auction would have been just the ticket! Unusually, this was a right-hand drive, original UK-built, UK market car and was offered with its original RF60 buff logbook and was still wearing its original issue registrati­on number. It also came with the original workshop manual and spares manual and featured the correct interior and working valve radio.

Recent work included new leaf springs and gear change bushes and there were bills on file for circa £4300 since 2017, including a bill on file for £1460 in 2021 for bodywork repairs. Selling for £8400, this miniature, home-built Yank will offer its new owner a cheap and cheerful entry to classic American motoring!

Also going under the hammer was this large Ford main dealer illuminate­d showroom sign which hammered at £1232.

For more informatio­n on the Chrysler, details of upcoming auctions or how to bid, see: www.manorparkc­ or call: 0161 697 5223.

 ?? ?? Cute little Nash was built for UK market...
Cute little Nash was built for UK market...
 ?? ?? Handsome clean lines.
Handsome clean lines.
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? New top looks smart.
New top looks smart.
 ?? ?? All 73cu in of it!
All 73cu in of it!
 ?? ?? Original interior.
Original interior.
 ?? ?? ... so has RHD!
... so has RHD!
 ?? ?? Ford sign? £1.2k!
Ford sign? £1.2k!
 ?? ?? 383 V8.
383 V8.

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