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Lucid EV wins Motor Trend’s Car of the Year


Classic American may have had to put its Car of the Year competitio­n on hold in 2021 because of Covid uncertaint­y, but Motor Trend’s annual crowning of its Car of the Year has gone ahead… and this year’s winner will certainly stir up a lot of interest. The all-electric Lucid Air can go 469 miles (516 on 19inch wheels) on one charge, charge enough for 300 miles in 20 minutes and offers a possible 1111bhp (800bhp standard). It’s also able to do the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds and 0-60mph in three seconds.

Lucid’s CEO is former

Tesla chief engineer of the Model S, Peter Rawlinson, so it’s only natural to assume that the Lucid Air is an improvemen­t on Tesla’s offerings, including the Model S which is now entering into its second decade – in automotive terms that’s a long time.

In electric automotive terms that’s a lifetime! So, what’s the big deal with the Lucid? Well, the powertrain components on the Lucid have been miniaturis­ed, making them more efficient and lighter, which translates into better range, more horsepower and a lot more space in the vehicle. Make no mistake, the Lucid Air isn’t Motor Trend’s first electric vehicle to win Car of the Year (the Tesla S did it almost a decade ago in 2013!); however its ground-breaking drag coefficien­t of 0.2 is the lowest of any production car ever. Period.

Along with all these exceptiona­l performanc­e capabiliti­es, the Lucid Air carries just about every active safety feature available today, including Dream Drive Pro, which is a semi-autonomous driving function (we’re not sure how safe that is; however, it seems to be the big ‘thing’ at the moment!). The car also offers ‘over the air’ updates, a bit like when your mobile phone installs operating system updates, as well as 32 sensors, including cameras, so as self-driving tech evolves, the Air is ready for it and is effectivel­y ‘future-proofed’.

And the price? A base version is available for $77,400, although the spec Motor Trend seemed to particular­ly like was the Lucid Air Grand Touring AWD which lists at an eye-watering $139,000.

 ?? ?? Lucid is an Arizonabui­lt car.
Lucid is an Arizonabui­lt car.
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 ?? ?? Plenty of high tech.
Plenty of high tech.

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