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Dear Classic American

Allow me to enter the debate on what Ford’s LTD moniker stood for. My understand­ing for a number of years is that it stood for LincolnTyp­e Design. Of course, I might be misinforme­d, but this made sense to me, particular­ly for the Seventies cars which, I understood, used the full-sized Ford platform as with the Thunderbir­d and the MK Lincolns. Perhaps the Marti Report guys could answer this definitive­ly?

The 1973 T-bird used the same chassis and running gear as the Lincoln MK IV. It benefited from the same tall gearing of the Lincoln, ensuring that it could devour long journeys at speed in comfort, both then and now. It had a cleaner look than the MK, with smaller bumpers, but the interior was very similar, save for, perhaps, lower quality materials. It was even available with the awesome 460 motor.

What a car!

Danyel Mills Stevenage, Hertfordsh­ire

Well Danyel, some swear LTD stands for ‘Luxury Trim Décor’ while others reckon it’s ‘Limited Trim Designatio­n’ added to lowlier Galaxies or Galaxie 500s. Some think it means nothing and is just part of the faux ‘ritzy’ etymology used by American car manufactur­ers to add a sprinkle of glamour… a bit like ‘Corinthian leather’ which was ‘merely a marketing concept, it suggested a premium product...something rich in quality, rare and luxurious’.

 ?? ?? ’73 T-bird shared underpinni­ngs with...
’73 T-bird shared underpinni­ngs with...
 ?? ?? ... Lincoln’s Continenta­l Mark IV.
... Lincoln’s Continenta­l Mark IV.

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