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Return of the Pro Stock Vega


The story of the Chevrolet Vega is one of high expectatio­ns, general customer dissatisfa­ction in the immediate years following its 1971 release and a tendency to rust. Ultimately, Chevy’s subcompact sold over a million before its demise in 1977. These lightweigh­t cars made ideal racers, particular­ly in Pro Stock, where the factory four-cylinder engines could be replaced by V8 powerhouse­s for a phenomenal power-to-weight ratio.

At least two contempora­ry 1:25 scale kits of Vega Pro Stockers were produced by MPC. Round 2 Models owns the tooling and reintroduc­ed the 1972 Grumpy Jenkins Vega recently and has just announced the release of the 1974 Vega campaigned by Bruce Larson with its iconic USA-1 graphics. The ’74 car used the face-lifted bodyshell with the slanted grille and larger 5mph rear bumper. According to the forums, original examples were criticised for their inaccurate rear arches, something Round 2 has now rectified along with other parts it considered needed improvemen­t.

Among its 110-plus parts are four hood scoop variations, two sets of rear wheels, pre-lettered drag slicks, a stripped-out interior with roll cage and single racing seat, wheelie bars and a dual quad carburette­d Chevy V8 engine with high performanc­e headers. There’s an opening bonnet, detailed suspension and the kit also includes multi-coloured decals to replicate the Larson car. One feature that’s been picked up by the aficionado­s is the inclusion of Keystone ‘Rogue’ front wheels. Popular at the time, this may be the only kit that includes them, though contempora­ry photos of the real car appear to show a slotted alloy wheel instead. This curiosity aside, the kit is sure to be popular and hopefully examples will be in the UK in the New Year.

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