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1965 Ford A/FX


Drag racing has taken many forms. For the 1962 season, the NHRA created three factory experiment­al (FX) classes based on cubic-inch-to-weight ratios which allowed both the manufactur­ers and independen­t racers to carry out modificati­ons that would not qualify for the existing Super Stock classes. Ford invested heavily in drag racing at the time and contracted Holman & Moody to create a racing-winning A/FX car from their new Mustang.

Ten fastbacks were ordered, of which six were delivered. Seven received the monster SOHC 427cu in V8, the others receiving the 427 Max Wedge V8, both motors requiring major surgery to engine bay and suspension to fit. To maximise traction, the rear axle was brought forward three inches.

Lightweigh­t GRP panels replaced many of the car’s steel originals and polycarbon­ate replaced the windows. The results were all Ford hoped for and resulted in some of the fastest A/FX cars of the period. They were campaigned under different liveries and several have survived.

The Acme Trading Co, a division of GMP, has recently produced examples of these altered wheelbase flyers. The Tasca Ford entry driven by Bill

Lawton was the A/FX class winner, so this 1:18 scale replica is a fitting tribute.

With superb paint and graphics and a new altered wheelbase body it looks mean with enlarged rear wheel arches and drag slicks. It has a detailed engine with ignition wires and large trunking to supply air to the twin carbs. The doors and boot open, the latter with the battery and spare tyre for additional rearward weight. The black interior has a roll cage installed. These are superior models and will cost around £120.

A wide range of die-cast models and American-range plastic kits are available online at competitiv­e prices. However, you should be able to source most models reviewed in Scale Autos from or see American Classic Diecast at

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