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Bagging a bargain


Dear Classic American,

I hope you don’t mind me emailing, my name is Callum Amery and I was reading through this month’s issue of Classic American (which is awesome by the way) and I particular­ly enjoyed the article on Simon Hodgson’s 1968 Lincoln Continenta­l. At the end it mentions that anybody who has bagged a bargain Yank should write in, so I am!

I’m 23 years old and I live in Suffolk. I’ve always been into American cars and classic cars in general thanks to my dad. In the summer of 2019, I bought myself my first American car, a 1966 Ford Thunderbir­d, ex-California car for £5000! It was built on Valentine’s Day 1966 and sold from Walker-Buerge Ford in West Los Angeles where I believe it spent all of its life. It was originally painted Antique Bronze, but at some point was repainted in yellow, which is very similar to Springtime Yellow.

It’s got power steering, power brakes, electric windows, central locking and AC all from the factory! Pretty cool for 1966! I have attached some photos with a couple of extras including one showing the cool patina on the roof. It would be really cool to see my car in the magazine so thank you very much! When I bought it, it was fresh from the States and mechanical­ly worn out, but it does have a beautiful patina. Since then, me and my dad (who’s teaching me the ropes) have been sympatheti­cally restoring the car and preserving the patina, while using it as much as possible over the past couple of years. I’ve attached a couple of photos of the car when I bought it and how it looks now. I hope this email finds you well and you think my car is cool!

Callum Amery

Via email

That’s one super cool car Callum, more power to you for getting such a beauty for such a bargain basement price. Look forward to seeing it in the metal this summer at a show!

 ?? ?? Cali T-bird...
Cali T-bird...
 ?? ?? … sequential tail-lights!
… sequential tail-lights!
 ?? ?? … arrived on a trailer!
… arrived on a trailer!
 ?? ?? Check out full-width...
Check out full-width...
 ?? ??

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