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“Not surprising­ly, it is a pretty good automobile and despite its somewhat misty European credential­s, Europeans find it a likeable example of American engineerin­g. The GTO has a harsher ride than an Olds 4-4-2; it doesn’t corner quite as well and it isn’t as solid, but even if it were, that’s not why the kids want it. They want a kind of Spartan, lean-feeling machine with no monkey motion, one that jumps – this is what the GTO is. Not by accident or luck, but because John DeLorean and his enthusiast­ic Pontiac bunch have honed their products to fit the critical youth market standards.” Erick Dahlquist, Hot Rod, May 1967

“Front disc brakes are available to further enhance good braking system… threespeed Turbo Hydra-Matic is quick and smooth… 400 cubic inch V8 performanc­e equals – or beats – last year’s 389 and offers more power potential… ’67 is quieter inside and displays better quality. The fit and finish on all the cars was the best we’ve seen on any Pontiac GTO and we’d rate the driveabili­ty as excellent for enthusiast­s as well as commuters. They’re housebroke­n tigers, but they can revert to the jungle whenever you give the word.” Steven Kelly, Motor Trend, January 1967.

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