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Dear Classic American,

I enjoy your reviews of both models and literature, but can’t remember ever seeing any YouTube channel reviews. Given the plethora of channels out there I wonder whether it would even be possible. So, I was wondering whether it might be appropriat­e for you to invite your readers to make recommenda­tions, and if I could, I would start with Vice Grip Garage and Sleeperdud­e. I have been watching both for a while and have started to develop peculiar language traits .... both are entertaini­ng, yet very educationa­l.

And if anybody is into airplanes I’ll throw in Jimmy’s World... Or anything mechanical including cranes, forklifts and steam engines... Jonathan W. Worth a thought?

Simon Oldroyd

Via email

Hi Simon, well we have done reviews on the plethora of car-related TV shows on all the Freeview and satellite (and terrestria­l for that matter) channels: Classic American TV Shows – Lockdown 2020… But you’re quite right, we haven’t done anything similar on YouTube channels. Funnily enough, you haven’t mentioned any of our favourites: Jay Leno’s Garage and Charles Phoenix’s Joyride Channel… watch this space!

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