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Dear Classic American,

I have been a subscriber for a year now and a longtime buyer of the magazine and a long-time admirer of American cars, mainly hot rods and muscle cars. Sadly, I have never owned one, having neither the funds nor the storage. I was going to buy a Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 many years ago, £2500 at the time, but my wife told me she was pregnant, so that was that!

Regarding electric car conversion­s I think this may be the way forward for these wonderful rolling works of art. With the way gas prices are going recently it might be the only way to keep these cars on the road. Infrastruc­ture is getting better (slowly).

Hydrogen doesn’t seem to be viable at the moment; although Yamaha and Toyota have developed a hydrogenpo­wered V8, I think it will be many years before it’s an alternativ­e. I love the sound of a rumbling V8, but they will be gone eventually, so maybe it’s worth considerin­g. Peter Armstrong

Via email

Hmmm, we can hear the sound of a thousand copies of Classic American being thrown at the wall! Still, each to their own, maybe this will keep our beloved classic Americans on the road…

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