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Dear Classic American,

I enjoy your great magazine here in Australia and thought you and your readers might like to see what I have. My 1975 Oldsmobile Omega is an almost invisible vehicle even in the US and apparently very few remain. I have had it for almost 12 years and it is used very regularly and is completely reliable. It is totally unrestored (my only real interest in classics) and is a credit to its only other (original) owner. It is of course the sole example in Australia and even the model expert from the US owners’ club (Oldsmobile), says he does not know of a single person with one there. It is a 350 Auto. Parts are generally quite obtainable as it is really a badge engineered Chev Nova. Interestin­gly, GM put Buick 350 motors in the ‘75’s.

Kenneth Cooper

Blue Mountain Heights Queensland, Australia

Interestin­gly this car is left-hand drive as well; it was our understand­ing that until fairly recently all left-hand-drive cars imported to Australia had to undergo right-hand-drive conversion­s. It has to be said, we’ve never seen anything like this in the UK – although who knows, the readers might know different!

 ?? ?? 1975 Oldsmobile Omega.
1975 Oldsmobile Omega.

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