Classic American

Summer maintenanc­e


Summer is a great time to undertake all those niggling tasks that need fixing on your American vehicle. We have the added bonus that the weather is (should be!) warm and dry, so we can take our cars and trucks out and truly see the nature of any issues, something that’s not always that easy when they’re tucked away for the winter. Maybe that annoying pitted chrome needs removing and sending away to be replated, or those dull headlamps need a brighter replacemen­t bulb.

Not only that, being able to drive them should reveal any other issues that are not necessaril­y visible from just a cursory inspection. Does it ‘drive right’? Classic American recommends getting your vehicle MoT’d even though it’s not legally necessary, as a simple safety check. Maybe it’s time for some fluid changes? Always advisable after a long lay-up over winter – and that can be anything from transmissi­on fluid to engine oil or brake fluid. Or maybe that carb or starter motor needs replacing. Whatever the case, there’s always time for it in the summer!

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