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Dear Classic American,

In April I purchased a 1993 3.4 V6 manual generation 4 Camaro in yellow. Pretty standard, apart from being right-hand drive. It came with a small file of paperwork, showing that it was imported from Florida in 1998 by a Steve Gill, who carried out the conversion. There is an invoice for $3000 for the dash, with ‘prototype for testing’, on the invoice. I was wondering if you would know of any details on this vehicle. In the attached photos the red ’93 Firebird is my father’s…

Kind regards Gary Holmes Via email

Well, that’s quite a mystery, we don’t know anything about this at all, although it is safe to assume that GM considered rhd versions of the Camaro when selling them from Vauxhall dealership­s in the late Nineties/ early Noughties. Ultimately, they were only available in left-hand drive (unlike the Cadillacs and Blazers which were available in rhd) and probably accounts for why so few were sold. We’d like to use your email in our letters page and see if any of the readers know any more…

 ?? ?? Brace of F-bodies.
Brace of F-bodies.
 ?? ?? Would GM have sold more...
Would GM have sold more...
 ?? ?? … in the UK if rhd had been available?
… in the UK if rhd had been available?
 ?? ?? Right-hookin’!

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