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It’s a gas!


Dear Classic American,

I was fascinated to read your editor’s editorial last month about how he ‘drives like an old lady’ (will probably get in trouble from the woke brigade now for simultaneo­usly being sexist, ageist and encouragin­g the burning of hydrocarbo­ns!) as this is exactly how I drive! Owning an American car in this country requires many skills: finding a decent, knowledgea­ble mechanic (if you can’t do the work yourself) finding a reliable parts supplier, getting to grips with driving a lefthand-drive car, usually of much larger proportion­s than anything else on the road and, most importantl­y, being able to drive in a frugal and fuel-efficient manner. I positively wince when my wife drives, she’s on and off the brakes, accelerati­ng like billy-o, no wonder she gets about 60 miles less out of a tank than me!

Chris Carter

Via email

We’ll be calling you ‘Sid the Sexist’ from now on. Sounds like the perfect excuse not to let the wife drive and just do all the driving yourself!

 ?? ?? Easy on the gas, honey!
Easy on the gas, honey!

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