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Dear Classic American,

Good to see American Motors Corporatio­n getting a mention (#377 September) in your magazine, especially the interestin­g article featuring the 1974 AMX and its history in the UK. I thought you might be interested in my 1964 Rambler Classic 770 two-door hardtop coupe – I believe it was quite a rare car in the AMC line-up, having only been available for two years (’64 and ’65), and further rarity by virtue of the optional 287 cubic inch (4.6-litre) V8 engine it has. It was imported by me about two years ago from the US, having seen it on, and using one of your advertiser­s to ship it over for me.

From piecing together what details I have, it was a barn find after languishin­g for around 30 years in Arizona. Although free from rust, it took a bit of sorting to get it to become a reliable driver, including a total engine rebuild, rebore and crank grind. Apart from fitting left dip headlights and providing for amber indicators, no other horrors were found and now it drives very nicely, but with nearly 60% of the car’s weight on the front wheels a light touch on the throttle is necessary in the wet. I wonder how many AMC cars remain in the UK. Perhaps this letter will prompt replies?

Mike Telford

Via email

Nice car Mike!

You might be surprised at how many AMCs there are in the UK and not least because they were sold new here in the UK and many were available in right-hand drive too. So come on, AMC owners, show us what you got!

 ?? ?? ’64 Rambler Classic.
’64 Rambler Classic.

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