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Dear Classic American,

Must say I loved your September 2022 Cadillac Special Edition of Classic American. I’m a faithful monthly reader, but considerin­g my love of old Cadillacs, this edition was truly special. The 1961 coupe featured in your Viewpoint column caught my attention and I thought I’d share a couple of photos of my ’61 convertibl­e.

I bought it about 10 years ago after an extensive, and documented, fouryear restoratio­n. It’s a California car and was finished in its original and rare shade of shell pearl, complement­ed by white leather interior and white convertibl­e top. A show-winner every time out. I’m a convertibl­e collector and have also included a third photo of my ’61 featured between the rear fins of my ’60 and ’62 Caddys. Keep up the good work at Classic American, and accept my thanks from another avid reader, ‘across the pond’.

Jack Notman

Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for the compliment­s Jack and wow, what a beauty; the biggest dilemma you must have is which Caddy to take out every time you open the garage door!

 ?? ?? Check out that rear end.
Check out that rear end.
 ?? ?? From Canada with love!
From Canada with love!
 ?? ?? ’61 Caddy.
’61 Caddy.

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