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Dear Classic American,

The internet was alight not that long ago with the story of two classic American cars that were stolen from outside their owners’ houses in the West Country, only to re-emerge a short time later to be banger-raced to destructio­n. The police were called and it seemed to be an open secret that the cars had been stolen.

By the time the police arrived with the owners, it was too late and the cars had been destroyed. I was surprised there was no mention of this heinous act in your esteemed publicatio­n.

Gareth Henderson

Via email

Classic American was made aware of what allegedly took place, but given our deadlines and the fact that there is still an ongoing police investigat­ion, it’s more difficult for us to provide accurate and up-to-date informatio­n in these pages about what may have taken place. And as you’ll be aware Gareth, the rules governing printed publicatio­ns such as Classic American are a lot stricter than those for online chat groups and forums.

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