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Electric Caddy?


Dear Classic American,

I was fascinated to read about the new electric Cadillac, the Lyriq, in your latest issue, and that it might possibly be offered for sale here in the UK. Of course, if you’d told people a decade ago that the best-selling car in the UK in a particular segment would be American, they would have laughed in your face, but that’s the position we find ourselves in today: Tesla is American and its cars are the most popular cars in the electric segment… And for that reason, it seems to me entirely possible that another American company could enter that segment and do just as well. Whatever your thoughts about electric cars, they’re here to stay and if I’m going to be forced to give up my internal combustion-powered car for an electric one, a Cadillac would definitely fit the bill!

Martin Carswell

Leith, Scotland

Well, even if they ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars, we’re fairly confident we’ll be allowed to keep our classics for now. Whether Cadillac will market the Lyriq here is another question. Cadillac has been attempting to recapture its global reputation as a builder of high quality luxury cars, but with limited success in recent decades. Let’s hope that this is a breakthrou­gh for the company!

 ?? ?? Cadillac Celestiq show car...
Cadillac Celestiq show car...
 ?? ?? … will start at $300k.
… will start at $300k.
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