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Welcome to the 2022 Classic

American Glovebox Guide! We’ve put this glovebox-sized handbook together so you can keep it in your glovebox or office drawer, with the specific idea of it being an invaluable resource for any American vehicle owner. And we mean any American vehicle owner – whether it’s a Model T or a brand-new Cadillac, you’ll find valuable and useful listings in here for any American car, truck or other type of vehicle.

We’ve had excellent feedback since the first one almost eight years ago now and it makes sense to keep it continuous­ly updated as new businesses start and others disappear. There are two types of listings: alphabetic­al and by business type, so whatever you’re after, you should be able to find it quickly and easily.

Classic American is often referred to as the bible of the American car scene in the UK, but we reckon that’s really a title probably more suited to the Glovebox Guide. As always, do let us know if you think there are changes or improvemen­ts that would make the Classic American Glovebox Guide even better.

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