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The small Bris­tol man­u­fac­turer that al­waysseemed to be in fi­nan­cial dif­fi­culty, but which pro­duced some in­ter­est­ing boxer twins, al­beit with vari­able pro­duc­tion qual­ity de­spite the BMW­like across-the-frame­flat-twin de­sign, with the crank's axis in line with the frame's cen­tre­line. Dou­glas­turned the drive through 90° and used a chain fi­nal drive rather than a shaft un­like Ve­lo­cette'sflat twins. Dou­glas­bikes are rel­a­tive­lyrarely of­fered for sale out­side of the own­ers' club, which is the only re­li­able­source of spares.


348cc ohv flat­twin 75mph 1954-57 395Ib 55mpg

Oddlystyle­d­tour­ing350 twin, fea­tur­ingEar­les­fork­sand a faired head­lamp/petro­tal nk, as well as con­ven­tionarlear­sus­pen­sionA. n in­volv­ing,un­usual­ma­chinewith a rev-hap­pyengine­pro­vidin­gal­most ad­e­quate­per­for­mance­and with ex­cel­lentsteer­ing,but dire brakes and lim­it­ed­spe­cial­ist­sup­port.

Prices: low £4000 high £5000

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