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I have just taken a brief look at Is­sue 350, July 2020 and have just seen my beloved BSA range of mo­tor­cy­cles, namely the A7/A10 se­ries mis­taken for an A65; shock hor­ror!

The crime oc­curred on page 59, pic­ture 1 where two po­lice­men are stand­ing by an A7/10 but the word­ing would have the reader be­lieve that the bike is the unit con­struc­tion bub­ble A65.

The clue to the real iden­tity is the shape of the tool­box just ahead of the rear sus­pen­sion unit and is clearly the smooth lines of the A10, not the creased ver­sion placed on the A65.

Sorry about that, but be­ing the past owner of an A7SS, some­times with a Jet 80 at­tached which cov­ered many miles mainly at speed for over three years and clocked up what would be to­day classed as above av­er­age mileage, I know my A7/10s.

Rant over, thanks for another ab­sorb­ing edi­tion. Tony Hop­kins

Many thanks, Tony. Matt

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