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When the screw in the pis­ton that holds the nee­dle in place broke, I thought some heat may help it undo. Mazak and heat don’t mix, and the tube that lo­cates the pis­ton in the carb top slightly warped. This caused it to stick – a very dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tion. I thought it was game over and time to find a new carb. Luck­ily, Hutch had an idea and spent some con­sid­er­able time us­ing valve grind­ing paste to cen­tralise the tube again. A lucky es­cape!

The bike now rides more smoothly, ac­cel­er­ates more in­stantly and, though it now needs choke to start from cold, it re­turns more than 40 miles ex­tra per tank­ful! I need to play with the bal­ance as the bike stalls oc­ca­sion­ally af­ter be­ing held open for some time, but it is still an amaz­ing im­prove­ment.

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