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RST Sabre leather trousers

- £199

Butch was looking for a pair of leather trousers that didn’t shout too loudly, but that he could also wear with a variety of jackets and on different types of bike. These new-for -2021 Sabre trousers from RST looked good value at £199, and he says they feel like they’ve already bedded in from the first ride.

The cowhide gives the abrasion resistance, yet there’s no awkward movement as there is plenty of stretch panels around the crotch and down the back of the leg... so although they look like they are a race suit

(and would be fine on track as they have a zip that goes all round the waist to connect to an RST jacket), they have all movements you need to get on and off the bike, walk around, and crouch if you need.

I didn’t expect a lot for under £200, but I’m proved wrong.

They are tested to CE standards and have achieved AAA rating, the highest, and come with knee and hip armour. Knee I would expect but hip armour too is most unusual – your Italian brands don’t. They also come with knee sliders! If you don’t need them, they are attached with Velcro so will easily come off. The leather panels are large, as stitching is often a weak area and they have a general feeling of quality. They are vented in areas but thin thermals could fit underneath thanks to the stretch panels. Should you not conform to the ‘standard’ size, you can have long or short leg with your chosen waist size, so as always it is best to try them on at a dealer.

All sounds quite glowing, but Butch loves them and has tried them on several bikes... and I’ve tested more leathers than I care to remember and can’t fault them. Great leathers, great price.

Butch and Matt

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