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The Department for Transport (DfT) has moved to reassure classic vehicle owners that proposed anti-tamper legislatio­n would not affect them, though the measure could still affect non classic motorcycle­s and any reassuranc­es might be described as ‘vague’.

A consultati­on on vehicle tampering was slipped out quietly by the Government but was subsequent­ly widely spread by riders’ rights groups. The DfT said: “We would like to emphasise that our policy intention is to prevent modificati­ons that have a negative impact on road safety, vehicle security and the environmen­t. We do not intend our proposals to prevent legitimate motorsport activities, prevent restoratio­n, repairs or legitimate improvemen­ts to vehicles – such as classic cars or motorbikes, or negatively impact businesses involved in these activities.”

Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) vice chair, Ian Churchlow, was quick to point out that customisat­ion of non-classic vehicles is not specifical­ly mentioned.

The group’s Colin Brown added: “While the clarificat­ion does provide some reassuranc­e, it falls far short of what we would accept. I am disappoint­ed we have not been supplied with the list of claimed legislativ­e gaps. We see the only sensible solution to be a rejection of the proposals.

“We have asked riders to tell us what modificati­ons they feel are legitimate and should be beyond the remit of any antitamper­ing legislatio­n. Not one respondent suggested they wished to reduce the safety or security of their machine, nor to increase its emissions.”

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