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BSA is now owned by Indian company Classic Legends, a division of Mahindra and Mahindra, which is based in Mumbai, Maharashtr­a, India. It is one of the largest producers of motor vehicles in India, is estimated to turn over

$9.8 billion, and produces $1.2 billion in profits. Mahindra owns Peugeot scooters, and makes small-capacity motorcycle­s, bikes, cars, buses, lorries. It is also the largest manufactur­er of tractors in the world. Classic Legends sold more than 50,000 Jawa models in India during 2020, its first year of production – more than Triumph’s worldwide sales in the same period.

BSA has developmen­t plants in Coventry and Banbury, Oxfordshir­e, and is negotiatin­g with local authoritie­s in the

West Midlands about locating and supporting a UK factory to produce the Gold Star.

Building modern classics is not BSA’s only plan for the future. The Advanced Propulsion Centre UK, on the Warwick University campus, says it is working with BSA on a retrostyle­d electric motorcycle.

This machine will “include a bespoke battery, with a specially designed motor that creates the right retro-torque with an authentic sound. This middleweig­ht retro-roadster will target the mid-performanc­e segment and have a wide market appeal. It will have the best of both worlds: a modern retro-design that rides on innovative and green technology.

“BSA wants to ‘contempori­se the classic’ through the motorcycle. Funding received for this project will fast-forward the developmen­t of a UK-designed, developed, and manufactur­ed electric motorcycle.”

Earlier this year, BSA Company Ltd was awarded a £4.6 million grant by the UK Government for the developmen­t of zeroemissi­on motorcycle­s, as part of the low-carbon automotive initiative.

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